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At a very basic level, the differences between regular, AP, and Honors classes are:

regular classesAP classeshonorable classes
Can it count toward college credit?NOSimNO
More or less strict?Not lessMoreMore
Does it count towards the high school diploma?SimSimSim
Impressive for College Admission?A 4.0 is always impressive for all types of colleges!More impressive for out-of-state or private schools.Most impressive for state colleges.

In addition to the guide below, ourAll guides to AP online coursescan help you decide if a fee vs AP class is right for you and tell you what you're missing.

A practical guide to the standard high school classroom

Standard classes might not be an advanced placement, but that doesn't mean they aren't valuable. There is a common misconception that college students are enrolledRegular high school coursesaren't as smart as those in the forward placement, but that's not true.

The decision to take regular or advanced classes is a personal choice and has nothing to do with intelligence. Students who follow the normal high school curriculum are typically:

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  • Interested in starting a career right after school.
  • Planning an internship after graduation.
  • Apply to less rigorous universities and colleges.
  • Wait until they feel ready to take college-level courses.

What you do with your courses and how you create your class schedule determines your success — not whether or not you choose Advanced Placement courses.

What is the difference between AP and Honors classes?

QuestionsAdvanced Courseshonorable classes
What are the course requirements?Anyone can register!It usually requires a teacher's recommendation.
What are your benefits?It can earn real college credits for students!It looks impressive on a college resume.
What's Best for Prospective College Students?Best suited for students applying to elite out-of-state colleges.Best suited for students applying to government schools such as the University of Wisconsin system.
Who develops the curriculum?College Board.It varies by state of Wisconsin, faculty, and department heads.
What's harder?Both are more challenging than regular classes, but the AP tends to require more work.

Is it better to take Honors courses before Advanced Placement?

If you're wondering whether to enroll in a volunteer or AP class, it's difficult to make the decision without knowing the difference between AP and volunteering. For some, the Advanced Placement program might seem like the king of the courses, but depending on your ability and who is teaching the courses, being in a special class can sometimes mean a more challenging experience than being an AP student.

As with many decisions you make in high school, the decision to enroll in an honors versus AP class is primarily about your future. Where do you see yourself in four years? Are you looking for an apprenticeship at a renowned university? Perhaps you want to save money by attending a community college?

Whatever your perspective, honors and AP courses can only help your GPA and high school diploma. If you are looking for online AP courses such as For example, an AP Computer Science online course or an AP Psychology online course, eAchieve makes it easy for you. see oursList of coursesoffered for each class.

The decision on which one to apply for really comes down to whether or not you are interested in a free college loan. If you need more information, please contact eAchieve Academy to speak to one of our Admissions Advisors.

What's the best?

Failed an AP class or succeeded in a regular high school course?

We get this question all the time. Many students are afraid to transfer to the Advanced Placement program because they fear they won't do as well. Many students only attend regular high school classes because they think that an "A" in Standard English reflects better on them than a B in Advanced English, but what is the truth? When enrolling in AP courses, is there some flexibility or are students somehow challenged to perform flawlessly?


You're an undergraduate? In this case, you might want to transfer to an AP course. An "A" in Normal Science shows that you may have worked hard, but deserve a "B" inAP-Chemiecan be more impressive.

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While it's not a perfect "A," Advanced Placement courses require you to work towards the grade. You can't swipe and get a "C" without applying to the AP topic.

So which one is better? It depends on how well you're already doing in regular high school classes. If you are a "C" or lower student, it may be best to wait before taking college-level courses.

Create your high school schedule online

What subjects should I take before graduating from high school?

school districts in Wisconsinrequires students to achieve 22 credits to complete high school, but there's still room for fun among the required courses! The average high school student is expected to earn 4 credits in English, 3 credits in Mathematics, 3 credits in Science, 3.5 credits in Social Studies, 0.5 credits in Health, 0.5 credits in Physical Education, 1 credit in Service Learning and 6.5 credits in receives electives. At eAchieve Academy there are a number of online high school classes that count as electives, including:

  • THE
  • Music
  • world languages
  • Business Education
  • bis

When you join eAchieve Academy, creating your high school timetable is easy. We'll help you every step of the way to ensure you graduate from our virtual academy on time. Would you like to attach something extra? Looking for an alternative way? Any question you have, we will find the answer. Online high school is all about flexibility, and eAchieve Academy makes it easy to create a curriculum and schedule that works for you.

Find colleges of normal high school classes

How to Impress College Admissions Officers

The best way to pick high school classes is by aimingCourses that colleges are regularly looking for. After all, it's not just Advanced Placement students who apply to UW-Milwaukee and UW-Madison. When creating your timetable for the upcoming semester, there are a number of courses to keep in mind, because this also applies to universities:

  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • AP calculation
  • Chemical
  • Physically
  • history of the world
  • Geography

Standing out without breaking into AP classes doesn't mean you have to be the best of the best. As long as you show colleges that you have challenged yourself and performed well in the courses and programs you enrolled in, there is no reason why you should not be accepted into state colleges or universities. Transitioning to online high school is a peace of mind choice with eAchieve Academy. Our pace charts will help you stay on track and make it easy to create the high school transcript you'll want to apply to colleges with.

If I enroll in AP courses online, which ones should I take?

Advanced placement classesare more difficult than normal high school classes. Choosing the degree programs that are right for you depends not only on your interests, but also on which field of study you would like to pursue after graduation. Some university courses that our Advanced Placement students consider are:

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  • English literature:eGet the AP Class Option:Advanced English
  • Story: eAchieve AP class options:AP US history,AP World History,AP European History,AP Art History
  • Biology:eGet the AP Class Option:AP Biology
  • General Psychology:eGet the AP Class Option:PA Psychology
  • world languages: eAchieve AP class options:French AP,AP spanish
  • Business: eAchieve AP class options:AP Economics – Mikro,AP Economics - Makro
  • mathematics:eGet the AP Class Option:AP Calculus A/B,AP calculation B/C

At eAchieve Academy, we work to ensure you find the courses that work best for you. If math isn't your forte, it's probably best to avoid the Advanced Placement math program—even if your focus is on improving your GPA. Not everyone can handle the pressure of high school AP courses, but if you think you're ready, choose your courses wisely.

Are Advanced Placement Courses Really College Level?

Wisconsin Myths: "AP Examples Are a College Board Scam"

Around the same time AP classes were introduced in Wisconsin high schools, students and parents were given a lot of information, both real and false. Some misinformation still circulating today is that "AP courses are a college board scam." Much like any conspiracy theory, it was based on a few whispered fears across the state. Rest assured, eAchieve Academy's AP courses are truly university-level.

Where's the proof?

During your time in each AP course, you will work towards one thing: final exams. At the end of each Advanced Placement course, you have the opportunity to take a final exam. If you score 4 or 5, your results could earn you FREE COLLEGE CREDITS—an accomplishment you wouldn't be able to match unless your AP courses were truly college-level. In Wisconsin, AP classes are offered to give high school students a chance to save money for college credits, but you don't just get them—you have to earn them!

Find out how AP-Weighing really works!

What is the high GPA students can get by taking all AP courses?

As long as you do well in the Advanced Placement courses, they will definitely increase your GPA. AP classes are usually weighted with an increment of one point. In other words, the normal GPA scale goes from 0 to 4 while the AP scale goes from 0 to 5. A high grade in an AP course will undoubtedly give your GPA a higher rating than if you were in a regular class. . For example, a B in an AP class corresponds to an A in a regular class. Not only does this give you an idea of ​​how advanced classes will be weighted, but it also gives students an idea of ​​what college will be like.

AP classes have different weights because they are more difficult.

The best time to start taking college-level courses is BEFORE you pay for them. College can be a tough time simply because of the curriculum. Students who do well in college are prepared for the increased difficulty -- a shift many have experienced before stepping onto campus, thanks to AP courses. You'll have a much better idea of ​​what college is like, so you can prepare yourself for a better way of learning before it starts to take its toll.

eAchieve Academy can help you find your desired university course. Discover in our blog which AP courses we recommend for pre-medical, business major, engineering and more students:Choose the best AP courses based on your college and career goals.


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