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The key to any training routine is consistency and progression. You need to lift heavier weights and train more often to see results. This is where the 4-day push/pull workout routine comes in. This type of workout is designed to help you build muscle fast by targeting specific muscle groups two days in a row, followed by a rest day. This allows your muscles to recover while you still put in a lot of work. If you are looking for an exercise routine that will help you build muscle fast, then this is the one for you. Read on to learn more about how the 4-Day Push/Pull Workout can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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What is push/pull training?

A push/pull workout is a type ofexercise routinewhich focuses on alternating between two different types of exercises. The first type of exercise is a pushing movement, such as a bench press, overhead press, or squat. The second type of exercise is a pulling movement, such as a lat pulldown, row, or deadlift.

The 4-day push/pull workout routine is beneficial because it allows you to train both the muscles responsible for pushing movements (e.g. chest, shoulders and legs) and the muscles responsible for pulling movements (e.g. back and arms). can train. This makes it an effective way to build overall muscle strength and size.

When designing a 4-day push/pull workout, it's important to choose exercises that complement each other. For example, you shouldn't combine a chest exercise with another chest exercise (bench press push-ups) as this will overload your chest muscles and could lead to injury. Instead, you should combine a chest exercise with a back exercise (push-ups with rows), which would make for a more balanced workout.

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The benefits of a push-pull workout

A 4-day push/pull workout routine has many benefits. For one, it helps develop both strength and endurance. It also helps improve coordination and balance. Additionally, a push/pull routine can help prevent injury by working opposite muscle groups.

Another benefit of a 4-day push/pull workout is that it can help increase muscle mass. Because when you work one muscle group, the other group can rest and recover. This allows you to work more on each muscle group, which can result in increased muscle size.

Finally, a push/pull workout is a great way to add variety to your workout. By adding variety to your exercises, you can keep your lower body engaged and avoid boredom. This way you stay motivated and stick to your training plan in the long term.

How to do a 4 day push pull workout

A 4-day push-pull workout routine is a great way to train your muscles efficiently and effectively. How to do a push/pull workout:

1. Choose a weight you can lift for 10-12 reps.

2. Perform 5-6 sets of the following exercises:

To. chest press

B. Row of seats

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C. Shoulder hold

D. pull sideways

Me bicep curl

F. Triceps extension

3. Rest 1-2 minutes between each set.

The 4 Day Push/Pull Workout Routine

Push days are all about working the muscles that help you move something heavy from point A to point B. This can be a chest press, shoulder press, or squat.

Pull days focus on muscle growth or bodybuilding that helps you get something heavy to you. These include exercises like pull-ups, rows, and deadlifts.

Here's a 4-day split that works each muscle group twice a week:

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Day 1: Press

Day 2: drag

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Press

Day 5: Pull

Day 6: rest

Day 7: Rest

Push-up exercises for the upper body

Upper body presses are a great way to work your upper body muscles. Dumbbells are a great tool for these exercises as they allow you to target specific muscle groups. Push Day is a great day to focus on upper body exercises as you can really work your chest, shoulder and arm muscles. Body thrust exercises are also great for training your body's core muscles. Pull day is a great day to focus on your lower body exercises as you can really work your legs and glutes.

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Are There Drawbacks to a 4-Day Push-Pull Split?

While a 4-day push-pull split can be an effective way to build muscle, there are some downsides to this type of routine. First, it can be difficult to maintain proper form on all exercises when you're working out 4 days a week. Second, this type of division can become monotonous and boring over time. Finally, it's important to make sure you get enough rest and recovery between workouts, which can be difficult when you're training 4 days a week. Get your legs push-pulltraining programNow.

frequently asked questions

Is this volume enough for real muscle building?

Yes, that's enough volume for real muscle building. You should be doing at least 3 sets of 8-12 reps for each exercise, and you should be doing a variety of different exercises that target all major muscle groups. If you don't see results after a few weeks, you may need to increase the volume or intensity of your workout.

4 Day Upper Body Push-Pull Workout?

A 4-day push-pull workout is a great way to strengthen and define your upper body. This type of routine works the muscles of your chest, back, shoulders, and arms. By alternating between pushing and pulling movements, you can target different muscle groups every day. This routine is perfect for those looking to improve upper body strength and definition.

Are 4-Day Training Splits Effective?

There is much debate as to whether or not splitting into 4 days is effective. Some people swear by it, while others find it too much work with insufficient results. There's no straight answer, but it seems that for most people, 4-day training splits are at least somewhat effective. They may not be the best possible option, but they can still produce results.

What exactly is a push-pull training split?

A push-pull workout split is a type of workout split where you alternate between days focusing on "push" exercises, which are typically compound exercises that work the chest, shoulders, and triceps, and on "Pull" exercises, which are typically compound exercises that work the back and biceps. This type of split is often used by bodybuilders and other strength athletes because it allows for more targeted training and can help prevent imbalances.


The 4 Day Push/Pull Workout Routine is a great way to build muscle mass fast. By focusing on compound exercises that engage multiple muscle groups, you can use your time in the gym efficiently for maximum results. By alternating days of push and pull movements, you can also give your muscles enough time to recover between workouts. This ensures that you come back stronger every time and can continue to make progress towards your goals. Try this exercise and see for yourself how effective it can be!

physical fitnessThe 4-day push/pull workout routine to build muscle fast

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