The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (2023)

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (1)

Do you need a free file manager for Windows 10 to improve the efficiency of working with your file system? It will help you perform the most common tasks of working with files, such as creating, editing, viewing, playing, moving, copying, deleting, adjusting settings and functions, and searching for documents.

  1. opus directory- old file manager
  2. ExplorerMax- Easy and efficient
  3. FreeCommander- convenient interface
  4. full command- Program with classic design
  5. WinDirStatName- Intuitive and easy to use interface
  6. a commander- Minimalistic user interface
  7. multicomandante- Large number of tools and plugins.
  8. ArchivoVoyager- Has an extensive collection of tools.
  9. Explorer²- Dual panel interface
  10. Q-Dir- Provides a four panel interface
  11. Generic name of XYplorer- Has multilingual support
  12. Lightweight files and folders- Super easy way to access your files

Any file management software for Windows adds tabs, smart search, multi-panel interface, and other features that the standard "Explorer" lacks. In this article I will talk about the most functional and popular analogues of the standard Windows 10 "Explorer".

1. Opus Directory

old file manager

  • Adjustable toolbars, keyboard shortcuts
  • Full script interface
  • Offers batch renaming and preview capabilities
  • Only two simultaneous views

Verdict:Directory Opus is a popular file management software for Windows. It has an intuitive user interface that allows you to select a single or dual pane view. If you need to open some directories, you can do it through the tabs. Another nice feature of this file manager is adding tags and descriptions to files. Because of this, you will be able to work with multiple files.

In addition, you will have the possibility to define colors, icons and classifications for your files. This way it will be easier to find the correct file.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (3)

2. Explorer Max

easy and efficient

  • Quick search, organized output
  • modern design
  • adaptive interface
  • doble panel
  • The user interface can slow down your computer

Verdict:ExplorerMax is the best free file manager for Windows 10 as it offers tabbed browsing, timeline and many other useful file management features. This software supports both light and dark skin types and allows you to quickly search and get grouped results.

Additionally, you can take advantage of features such as batch renaming and file compression/decompression.

The interface is quite simple. Also, you will be able to view only specific files like images and documents, which is also a great advantage of this software.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (5)

3. Free Commander

convenient interface

(Video) A better open source File Manager for Windows
  • There is a portable version.
  • quick navigation
  • Strong copy options
  • Confusing and outdated interface
  • It is easy to delete the file.

Verdict:This file and folder manager software for Windows 10 has a dual-pane interface where you can view two different folders at the same time. Due to this, you can easily copy or move files from one folder to another.

Also, you can add folder tabs to each panel for more convenience when viewing your data.

Although FreeCommander has a simple interface, it provides many features, including file splitting and merging, checksum creation and authentication, archiving and file compression/decompression, batch renaming, file shredding, catalog softwareYou can also open network drives.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (7)

4. Commander Total

Program with classic design

  • Compatibility with compression plugins
  • Utility tools can be replaced
  • Design increases productivity
  • It will take some time to run the custom setup

Verdict:Total Commander is an old but popular Windows 10 folder manager that has a classic layout and two vertical panels. However, with each update comes advanced features such as cloud storage services and original Windows 10 features.

If you need to transfer and organize a lot of files, this software will be perfect for you. There you will be able to view your progress, pause and resume transfers, and set the speed limit.

Due to its clear interface, this software offers fast navigation, adjustable keyboards, and an integrated file archiving option. Also, it has a great search tool that is better than other similar file managers.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (9)

5. WinDirStat

Intuitive and easy to use interface

  • Color codes by file type
  • Different perspectives on file sizes
  • Checks can be slow
  • default user interface

Verdict:WinDirStat is an open source file and folder manager software for Windows 10. It will help you find out how much disk space is being used and what exactly is being used on it. With this software, you will be able to check the statistics of your daily usage. It also provides cleanup tools for different versions of Windows 10.

The software scans any drive or directory you choose and displays all your files. It distributes color codes for each file type based on the amount of space it takes up. This allows you to see which file is taking up the most space. For example, the files that take up the most space on your drive or directory will appear in blue.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (11)

6. A commander

minimalist user interface

    simple and fast
  • Well designed file manager
  • Based on the icon menu

Verdict:One Commander is a free Windows 10 dual file manager that provides dual window and multi column view. You can decide about this when you start the software for the first time. In addition, you will have the possibility to select between a white, dark and light theme.

In addition, this software offers an address bar that shows all the subfolders in the existing directory (like folder trees), a history panel located on the right side of the interface, which will make it easy to find previous files and directories.

In addition, One Commander provides standard features like integrated preview of audio, video and text files, etc.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (13)

7. Multicomandante

Lots of tools and plugins.

  • There is a portable version.
  • easily adjustable
  • Filter-based file coloring
  • complicated parameters
  • Right click response is slow

Verdict:Multi-Commander is the best free file manager for Windows 10 because it offers many tools and plugins to manage different files and folders.

This software contains several buttons, all of which are easily adjustable. Also, there are disk shortcuts to open certain types of files.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (15)

8. Voyager File

It has an extensive collection of tools.

  • Out-of-the-box features
  • easily adjustable
  • different display modes
  • confusing interface
  • solo 32 bits
(Video) Best free File Explorer with TABs and Dual Panel View for Windows 10 and 11 Computers.

Verdict:This Windows 10 folder manager offers some standard file operations like rename, copy, move, link, delete, recycle, as well as a dual-pane layout. Due to this, transferring files between folders will be easier.

FileVoyager has a portable version that supports many shortcuts to standard folders like Documents, Libraries, and Desktop. Also, it is easy to access the file compression tool, fax or email the required document through shortcuts. Plus, you'll be able to preview the size of a file or folder next to each entry and edit them in notepad.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (17)

9. Explorer²

dual panel interface

  • All Purpose File Manager
  • quick applications
  • You can copy and move files simultaneously
  • development stagnation
  • The interface has practically not changed

Verdict:Xplorer² can also be the best free Windows 10 file manager for you. It offers two versions and has a very current design. You can choose between a ribbon-style interface and a more standard menu bar.

This file manager offers many useful features, including the ability to choose multiple files simultaneously without the risk of accidentally deselecting by clicking elsewhere. Also, there is an option for quick identification of duplicate files and a color coding option. Because of this, it will be easier for you to identify files and directories at the same time.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (19)

10. Q-Dir

Offers a four-panel interface

  • Multiple easily customizable windows
  • 4 windows at the same time
  • You can use tabs in each window
  • error can occur

Verdict:Unlike most file managers that have a two-panel interface, Q-Dir has a four-panel interface, which is why it's called Quad Explorer. The main focus of this free Windows 10 file manager is to manage multiple folders simultaneously. When you look at its default interface, it looks like the developers have created a collage of a file manager they developed.

Another interesting feature of this file manager is that you can change the number of panels and place them vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, you can also create folder guides on each panel and adjust it to make it look more natural. If you are going to switch from Windows to Mac environment, this tool will not meet your needs. you should try theFile Manager for Mac by Electronic Teaminstead of.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (21)

11. XY Explorer

Has multilingual support

  • constant updates
  • easily adjustable
  • Lots of file filters
  • Lack of FTP and SSH support
  • Touchscreen support could be better

Verdict:XYplorer is a great dual-pane file manager software for Windows 10. It supports tabs and you can assign them to specific settings so that it remains unchanged even if you are not using the app at the moment. Also, it has a folder tree on the left side of the interface for smooth navigation.

Other key features of this file manager include highlighting the path and taking you to the current directory, a mini-tree feature that lets you navigate between previously used paths and directories, regular expression support, fuzzy matching, content search, advanced templates, and boolean logic.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (23)

12. Files and Folders Lite

A super easy way to access your files

  • amazing design
  • built-in media player
  • complicated navigation

Verdict:Files & Folders Lite has an understandable and precise interface that provides easy access to files and folders through the expandable navigation window located on the left side of the interface. In addition to the existing system folders, you can also add other folders. To do this, you need to click on the + button.

This file and folder management software for Windows 10 supports FTP and OneDrive, but does not support Dropbox, Yandex Drive, and Google Drive. With Files & Folders Lite, you won't need a video andphoto organization software. This file manager supports folder files in various formats and can even perform compression and decompression operations.

The 12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 (25)

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