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Disclaimer: This is a general summary ofmacOS Software License Agreement. It's not a substitute for reading the entire contract, but it can be helpful if you're in a hurry. If you have any questions, contact Apple for legal advice. Terms are subject to change and the latest version will be posted above. DO NOT INCLUDE Apple Pay Add-On License.

1. General

A. The Apple Software is licensed to you by Apple under the terms of this License. Apple retains ownership and rights, not you. You agree to abide by the Terms.

B. The Apple software license covers all future updates unless the license is changed. Updates may not work the same on all computer models or years.

C. Intellectual property rights in anything accessed through the Software remain with the owner and are subject to certain third party licenses. Message and map files may not be distributed as a standalone file.

2. Permitted License Uses and Restrictions

A. Subject to the Terms, you may run one copy of the Software preinstalled on an Apple-branded computer at any time.

B. Subject to the Terms, you are authorized to run one copy of the Software on any Apple-branded computer that you own if obtained from the Mac App Store. You may run multiple instances of the software, including previous versions, on the same computer for testing and development purposes.

C. If you acquired the Software under a maintenance or volume licensing program from Apple, the terms allow you to follow the usage guidelines in this Agreement. All other license agreements apply.

D. Apple software is only compatible with Apple branded products. All features may require an Apple ID.

E. Included fonts may be used while the software is running, but further use must be verified with the individual font license.

F. System Voices may be used in your own personal, non-commercial projects while running the Software, but nothing else.

G. Additional digital assets included in the Photos app may not be redistributed individually in any way.

H. Certain Apple-related software, or portions thereof, may be downloaded and cached on your Mac. This is for personal use only and some information may be collected about your computer. Apple can prevent this at any time.

I. Macs can be connected to one and only one remote device. Other devices can remotely monitor the software, but cannot control it in any way. This can only be done through the screen sharing feature.

J. Subject to the Terms, you may not install or assist others to install the Apple Software on a non-Apple computer. You may not sell the software or change its trademarks.

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K. A backup copy is acceptable provided all copyright notices are included.

L. If you transfer to a new computer using Migration Assistant or an equivalent device, you may not be authorized to continue using both copies of the Software.

M. Apple may provide certain open source products. They are distributed by Apple without warranty or obligation.

N. Reverse engineering of the software is prohibited, as is helping others to do so.

O. You agree to use the Software in accordance with all local laws.

Q. Apple does not assume any support responsibility for third party software. Please contact the developer.

Q. Apple can automatically download and install updates on your computer. This can be disabled.

A. Memoji may be used in your own personal, non-commercial projects while running the software, but nothing else.

3. Leasing

A. Leasing of Apple software for developer use is permitted provided certain conditions are met. Both parties must review the license agreement.

B. Subletting is permitted provided all necessary conditions are met.

C. As a landlord, you are responsible for enforcing this section.

D. Multiple copies of the Apple Software may be run in a virtualization environment for testing purposes as set forth in Section 2B.

E. If you are the renting party, you agree that Renter may have configured the Apple Software in a particular way.

4. Transmission

A. You may transfer your software rights once to another party provided they comply with the terms of this Agreement.

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B. Modified Software may not be transferred.

C. Certain copies of the Apple Software may not be redistributed or transferred.

5. Consent to Use of Data

A. Your data may be stored temporarily when using the communication functions of the Apple software. Many functions require certain amounts of information. Your information will always be treated in accordance withApple Privacy Policy.

6. Third Party Services and Materials

A. Certain Apple-related Services may require, among other things, an Apple ID, an Internet connection and/or additional fees. You must follow the terms of each Service.

B. If you use iCloud, you also agree to these Terms.

C. Content in the News app is for personal, non-commercial use only.

D. Map features may not be available in all locations. You agree to abide by the Maps Terms of Service.

E. By using the Apple software, you agree that you can view obscene material on the Internet. This is accepted at your own risk.

Q. Apple is not responsible for third party software or websites.

G. Apple never guarantees the accuracy of any data displayed by its Services, including but not limited to Maps, Stocks, and Health.

H. You agree that all uploaded content is yours and you agree not to use the software for cybercrime (distribution of malware, etc.) or to violate the rights of others. Apple is not responsible for the actions of you or others using the software.

I. Apple Software may not be available in all languages ​​or in all countries or regions.

7. Termination

A. This License is effective until terminated, i.e. H. if you fail to comply with this License. You must promptly destroy all copies of the Apple Software.

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8. Disclaimer of Warranties

A. You may have consumer rights under local law in your country.

B. Use of the Apple Software is at your own risk.

C. The Apple Software is provided “as is” with no rights not expressly granted in this License.

D. Apple does not guarantee that the software will be error-free.

E. The Apple Software is not intended for use in any facility where failure could be catastrophic, including but not limited to nuclear facilities, aircraft management, life support, or weapons systems.

F. Apple's advice does not constitute a warranty, except as provided in the applicable license.

9. Limitation of Liability

A. Apple shall not be liable for any personal or financial damages resulting from the use of the software. In no event shall Apple be obligated to reimburse you for more than $250.00 unless required by law.

10. Digital Certificates

A. You are responsible for deciding whether or not to trust any digital certificate, whether issued by Apple or a third party.

11. Export Control

A. The Apple Software may not be used for any purpose illegal under US law, including but not limited to the manufacture of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

12. Government End Users

A. The Apple Software is provided to government end users under the same standard license.

13. Control Law and Severability Clause

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A. This License is governed by the State of California. If a local court finds part of it unenforceable, the rest stands.

14. Entire Agreement; Applicable Language

A. This is the entire agreement between you and Apple for your use of the Software. All new versions immediately replace the old ones and no modifications are allowed except those written and signed by Apple. In the event of a dispute, the English license will prevail.

15. Third Party Confirmations

A. It may contain third party material. It is subject to your terms.

B. Certain Included Software is manufactured under the GNU General Public License. The source code for such software can be requested.

C. MPEG-4 is licensed under the MPEG-4 Systems Patent Portfolio License.

D. Commercial use of H.264/AVC requires additional licensing.

E. QuickTime AMR is licensed for personal use only.

F. Flight data may not be disseminated without FAA approval.

G. Adobe color palettes are provided "as is".

H. Gracenote Software is governed by its own terms.

16. Yahoo Search Service Restrictions

A. The Yahoo search service available through Safari is only available in certain countries.


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What is the difference between SLA and EULA? ›

The difference between an End User License Agreement (EULA) and a Software License Agreement (SLA) depends on intended usage. The EULA generally governs the continuous use of the software by a group of individuals. Meanwhile, an SLA targets a specific entity for a finite period.

Does Apple have licensing agreements? ›

License Information

Your use of Apple software or hardware products is based on the software license and other terms and conditions in effect for the product at the time of purchase. Your agreement to these terms is required to install or use the product.

Should I accept Apple's terms and conditions? ›

The terms and conditions are really to protect Apple from legal action against it should you be unsatisfied with the product, or if the product causes some sort of injury to befall a customer. In addition, the terms are designed to protect Apple's property from being used, or distributed, illegally.

What does an EULA tell you? ›

An end user license agreement (EULA) is a legally binding document, defining the user's rights and restrictions in using a specific software product.

What are the 3 types of SLA? ›

There are three basic types of SLAs: customer, internal and multilevel service-level agreements. A customer service-level agreement is between a service provider and its external customers.

Do you need a EULA for SaaS? ›

Having a set of terms and conditions with a EULA is very important for a SaaS platform. It protects you by setting out rules by which users can access your platform, including when it is downloaded onto their device.


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