50 free aged textures for designers (2023)

Transform images with these FREE handcrafted textures. Add a faded vintage look to photos, an aged grunge look to layouts, and more.

Looking to add more personality to your designs? We created this pack of 50 free aged textures to enhance your design projects. Each texture is unique and handmade, created in-house by experimenting with India ink and acrylic paint.

These distressed textures are easy to use in any design program: each texture comes as a plain JPG and a transparent PNG to use with just drag and drop onto your design or clipping masks.

Take a look at this texture pack in action and keep scrolling for your free download.

What are the textures?

texturesadd visual interest to a design by providing a tactile feel to a flat graphic. They are a simple yet powerful way to add contrast and interest to a design.

For this texture pack, I experimented with acrylic and India ink, applying them to unique fabrics, papers, sponges, and surfaces to create a distinct look for each texture.

All textures were scanned at high resolution and cropped to 4680 x 6000 pixels.

Download 50 Free Textures

Downloading your free texture pack is easy! Just click the button below.

Want to see how these textures can be used in a design? Follow our step by step of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop andCreateinstructions.

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By downloading this free texture pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

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How to use textures in your projects

Not sure how to use these textures? We've put together three easy step-by-step tutorials that show you how to apply these textures toAdobe Illustrator with Clipping Masks,Adobe Photoshop with layer masks, micreate designs.

Please note that your free download comes with two useful file types. . . .

The 50 PNG files are ideal for adding a transparent texture overlay to your designs in any image editing program such asCriar de Shutterstock.

The 50 JPG files are best when applied to layers or clipping masks in applications like Photoshop or Illustrator.

Use a texture in Adobe Illustrator

Start by downloading an EPS vector file or opening your drawing in Illustrator. You can download theComplemento de Shutterstock para Creative Cloudto search, license and download any vector graphic directly from the Adobe Illustrator application.

For this tutorial, I'm going to apply a clipping mask to thissummer camp retro badgewith one of the free textures found in the JPEG folder.

Step 1 – Open the vector image file

Insidecomplemento de Shutterstock, you can search millions of vector graphics to download and place in your designs.

Just touch the redlicense imageto take it to your work table.

Ungroup all items by clickingShift+Command+G. I'm going to go for a screen print effect, so I'm going to use thePioneerpanel to remove the red elements and texture the light gray parts.

Group the red shapes withCommand+Gand unite the elements together with theBindcommand notresearch tool.

This will ensure that any overlapping elements are completely removed later.

Select the background of the badge while holding the buttonkey shiftand then select theless frontCommand to remove the front layer of the board.

You are now left with a single colored badge, ready for a texture change.

Step 2: Apply to Clip Mask

TraelTransparencynavigation panel toVentana, then selectingTransparency. Select the object to which you want to apply a texture and pressmake mask.

(Video) Vintage Letterpress Poster Design Photoshop Tutorial

Click on the black box to edit the opacity mask and selectShift+Command+Pto display your files.

50 free aged textures for designers (4)

click noPlano JPEGtexture folder inside50 Free Aged Texturesarchive. I selecteddistressed texture_05.jpg.

Place the texture on your artboard and click next to your design. This will highlight the masked texture. Notice how the black parts of the texture are masked, while the white parts remain.

Dirtier textures, which have more black portions, will show small parts of your design. Just invert the texture by checkingInverter MaskNoTransparencypanel when it comes to darker textures.

You can distort or resize the texture with theSelection Tool (V)dragging the corners to your liking. Select theReleasebutton to completely remove the texture from your design.

Step 3: Apply the color palette

choosing acolor palettebecause your design doesn't have to be difficult. check my101 color combinationsbe inspired. Each palette comes with its correspondinghexadecimal codesso you can easily apply them to your project.

findingimages or drawingsMatching the tone of your design empowers you to recognize successful palettes and to experiment with palettes you may have initially missed.

To beImage of adventurous redsand the palette really fits the bill for my summer camp badge, giving off awarm and nostalgic atmosphere.

Illustrator allows you to enter the unique six-digit hexadecimal codes, giving you the exact shades of the color palette. I'm going to try this rich ruby ​​(#B12C25) and warm persimmon (#F2D3C1) in the summer camp badge.

50 free aged textures for designers (6)

Select the element to which you want to apply the color and click the buttonFilldialog box located on the left side of the program. This will show thecolor pickerpanel.

Just type these hexadecimal codes and clickOKto return to the clipboard.

50 free aged textures for designers (7)

Applying a texture to this vector design elevated the entire look in just three easy steps, giving the emblem a retro screen-printed look.

You can experiment with multiple textures in one composition to get that super-worn look.

Use a texture in Adobe Photoshop

Applying textures in Photoshop is similar to the process in Illustrator: both programs have skins for inserting and editing textures.

(Video) How to Make Vintage Paper Texture Effect in Photopea | Free Design Tutorial for Beginners

we will take itthis t-shirt graphicand apply a crinkled texture to give the design that old look that has been used for a few generations.

Step 1 – Drag the graphic into Photoshop

Start by bringing your image into the Photoshop program. Be sure to remove all background elements to apply textures to only the isolated graphic.

I opened this t-shirt graphic as an EPS in Illustrator, then removed the background and dropped the saved AI file into Photoshop.

Crop your image to thebounding boxand hitOK.

Step 2 - Open the Texture File

Drop in the texture file you want to use for your t-shirt graphic. I draggedWorn texture_08.jpgon the show because it has the same vintage quality that I want in my design.

50 free aged textures for designers (9)

CliqueCommand+Ato select the entire texture, then pressCommand+Cto copy and prepare the image for pasting into thelayer mask.

Step 3: Apply a Layer Mask to the Graphic

Nolayersdashboard clickAdd a layer mask.Select theoption keyto isolate the layer mask.

50 free aged textures for designers (10)

Paste the weathered texture onto the layer mask by pressingCommand+V, then resize the texture with theFree transformation toolclickingCommand+T.

When you resize to your liking, click the original graphic again; you will notice that the black parts of the texture are masked, leaving the white parts behind.

50 free aged textures for designers (11)

You can easily edit the skin by clicking the buttonlock iconto unlink the layer mask from the graphic. Activate theFree transformation toolagain withCommand+Tto move or resize the texture.

This graphic looks great paired with adark gray t-shirt. Save your drawing asPNGto make sure it is transparent and secure on top of the shirt.

resize withCommand+T, then adjust theblend modeforCoverto give the mockup a natural screen-printed look.

Use a texture in Shutterstock Create

Createit's the two for one option as you can load these free textures into the tool,oexamine our internal textures as well (more on that later).

Here's what you should know about applying downloaded textures toCreate.

(Video) Texture Design: 50 Wood Texture Background Set 01

1. Select a background

50 free aged textures for designers (13)

Especially if you are applying the textures to a label, shirt, or 3D object, you want to prepare for a realistic image.

To feel it on a t-shirt, selectImagesso upload yours or choose betweenour millions of options. Click to apply.

2. Use the Eyedropper Tool to Customize the Background

50 free aged textures for designers (14)

And, if you're designing something with specific colors, use theeyedropper toolto customize one design element to another.

For example, we change the background to the same blue as the shirt without having to search for a specific hexadecimal code.

To use it, just click on the background layer and find thechange the coloraba. click noeyedropper tool, drag it over the desired color and click to set!

You can see it well.

3. Load the weathered texture

50 free aged textures for designers (15)

Now for the moment we've all been waiting for. ClickImages > Uploadand select the desired texture from your downloads. I choseafflicted Texture_38.png. Click to apply.

double,Right click > Duplicate layer. Drag to size and define.

When you're ready to download, click the red buttonDescargarbutton to select the resolution and file format—PNG, PDF o JPEG. selectDescargaragain to save to your desktop or send your creations to social media, your website, or email.

Is that! Don't forget that insideCreateyou have access to atextureseyelash. It's packed with categories for specific design needs, so check them out!

Last but not least, you can click onImages, type “paint splatters”, “textures” or any keyword that suits your needs.

Explore the infinite potential and start creating from there!

License this cover image vialazy astronaut(used textures from the pack of 50 free aged textures).

(Video) Best Textures: 50 Texture Background Set 01

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