20 Mother's Night Ideas You'd Never Thought Of! (2023)

How often do you have a mother's night out with your mother's friends? I have some fun new ideas that will get you reconnecting and reconnecting with your girls in no time! Whether you're planning a solo night out or hanging out with friends, every mom needs to have a mother's night out. It's hard to figure out what to do for your mom's night out. I mean, there's only a limited amount of dinner and movie dates you can do, right?

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What is a mother's night?

A mothers night out is just what you think it is: a mothers night out with her girlfriends. Well, this could cost good money with all the fancy accessories and luxuries, or it could cost nothing at all. The beauty of Mother's Night is that she can be anything you want her to be. You can make it small and intimate, or you can invite a large group of mothers from an organization like a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group.

What should I do for my mother's night?

It's really up to you and I'm going to give you a whole list of ideas for your later night. Think about what each friend would like to do and what their goal is for the evening. Want to help build community with a group? Think of group activities like an escape room or maybe a high ropes course if you have one that's easily accessible. Would you like to rest and relax? Maybe your evening will turn into a spa day or you can organize a spa party in your own four walls. The sky really is the limit when it comes to hanging out with your girlfriends. It's not rocket science, so don't stress too much about the planning process. Need ideas? I have 20 great ideas for next mother's night below!

20 fancy ideas for moms

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Fantasy ideas under $25

Many of these ideas are either completely free or cost quite a bit, depending on whether or not you need supplies or ingredients. Free or not, the price of a good Mother's Night is worth its weight in gold.

Spend the night"You know, like the guys we used to have when we were kids. If you can, send the kids away and transform your living room into the best sleepover ever. Rent movies, bring some games from home, and ask your guests to bring a snack to share.

fake slumber party- Can't you make it happen overnight? Kick the family out for the night and then pretend you have a sleepover. Everyone has to leave at a reasonable time and the children can still sleep in their own beds.

I sell group– Is there a show everyone loves? Why not get together to watch? If you have it on demand, you can always meet up or watch multiple episodes.

TV-Show-Marathon- A TV show marathon requires more than one night, so make it an escape and binge watchGilmore Girlsor FRIENDS. Both series are available on most streaming services or maybe you've owned them since ancient times, before everyone streamed everything. Oh wait am I the only one who owns the entire series of bothFRIENDSeGilmore Girls?

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Book club- A monthly book club is a great idea as you can borrow books from the library and meet once a month to discuss. Or... just use the book as an excuse to get together anyway and never really discuss it!

cook a meal– Maybe you know someone who needs something to eat; Use your need to do something good together and connect at the same time, or attend a cooking class together.

preparation of the meal– Plan a menu for the week and prepare everything together. Everyone goes home with theirsPrepared Mealsand ready to go.

movie night– We all know that there are some films that our families absolutely don't want to see with us. Why not use that as a reason to get the girls together? Movie popcorn with your favorite drink from the concession well and you have a really sweet thing going right there.

favorite things– You can really put any kind of ceiling on this idea, but you want each person to bring their favorite piece, one that everyone can take home. Depending on how many mommy friends you're inviting, it can get expensive quickly, so keep that in mind when planning. You can even give the evening a theme – favorite book, favorite treat, etc.

use theseMother's Day Ideasto inspire your next meeting.

Ideas for going out from $25 to $50

Make a night in a hotel– Many deal sites like Living Social andgrouphas deals on local hotels; Book a night out with two or three of your closest mom friends and split the cost of the night. You can hang out if you like, or just relax with adult snacks and drinks, either way, you must be kid-free for more than 12 hours.

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Take an adult class– Many places have adult courses that you can sign up for. Some art studios offer classes in painting, crafts, pottery, etc. Call your more artistic friend and join the class together.

dinner and a movie– Why not take the film idea one step further and plan a dinner evening before or after the screening?

To have lunch– If, like me, you live near a metropolitan area (Minneapolis or St. Paul), access to higher-rated restaurants is easier. Dress up a little and head downtown for a fancy dinner with the girls. Order fun drinks, grab something from the menu you wouldn't normally order. Experience it all with a friend.

take you to the theater- Go to a performance! This is easier if you live near a metro area, but even if you don't, you can consider some local gigs. Eat before or drink afterwards so you can discuss and chat a bit.

Food-Tour– Take a culinary tour of your city! Sample delicious food all over your city. Apps at a restaurant, appetizer, dessert at different restaurants and then a night out at a fun bar.

$50 or more

If you're really keen on the idea of ​​Mother's Night with your girls, maybe it's time to make it a multi-day event. The sky really is the limit for this type of multi-day tour just for moms. Think big and bold!

Plan a weekend getaway in the state.Some friends and I drove to a beautiful resort in northern Minnesota calledQuarterdeck-Resortfor a two night stay. It was best for all of us. You can read everything here in the blog.

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Plan a trip to a tropical location!I know a group of moms who did a wellness retreat in Mexico with a company calledFit & Fly girls. They trained, had a private chef, a personal trainer. If you love exercising, maybe this is the kind of journey you want to take with your community of fit moms. Traveling with girlfriends is definitely something that should be in your lifeMom's wish list.

20 Mother's Night Ideas You'd Never Thought Of! (5)

Stay in the United States.Don't have the money for an extravagant holiday? Plan a trip and stay in the United States. Check out my post on all of themfun fall festivalstakes place in the beautiful city of Galena, IL.

Check out this post about a girlfriends vacation in Washington DC.how about a visitInsel St. Louis Simon, GA?

Shopping, dinner and drinks- You don't have to go on a luxury trip to liven up your night out with your mom friends. To eat out,comparea little and then a few drinks. You'll have a great time together and hopefully get some new things of your own!

Wellness Tag- There's nothing like a short vacation with the girls at a spa. Massages, maybe pedicures or manicures.

Show- Whether it's checking out a favorite band from your high school glory days or checking out the latest music, a night of singing and dancing with the girls is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

How Often Should I Try to Do a Moms Night Out?

I think at least four times a year. Ideally I would like you to do this once a month. Contact with girlfriends is important so that you can maintain your identity as a woman. We need that adult conversation; I don't know about you, but not knowing makes my brain go muddy. So I feel isolated, lonely and generally not well. Spending time with my friends fills me up and makes me feel like myself again. I can focus on myself and have fun with friends.

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Whatever you do for your mom's night out, it's imperative that you make it happen. You will have fun and come back refreshed and ready to be the best mom ever.


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